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How Africans view the turmoil in U. And from a church choir to the Broadway stage, the story of one of Africa's rising stars. I'm Jim Clancy.

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But the Nigerian leader says those who remain have an obligation to become politically active in their new homes and promote Africa. I think the president of Nigeria has a very wise position. He and others like him who straddle economies of Africa and the developed world are in a unique position. We understand both culture.

We Ponsford MN bi horney housewifes both economy. So we have probably a much greater aptitude at getting those goods produced in African countries within the norms and within the standard that we understand that they will be in demand of in this country, Naughty wife seeking nsa Springfield Missouri tremendous role that we have to play.

His skills were management, telecommunications and the Internet. Makatiani is now head of one of the continent's largest Internet operations, Africa Online. It's certainly in the billions of dollars, and some argue it represents a major inflow of hard currency to not only the families, but entire economies that need it. We're going to take a break here. A runner's dream fulfilled and a first for Morocco. We'll have details just ahead. Let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making news inside Africa.

The cease-fire was brokered during a one-day meeting in Nigeria that brought rebels face to face with government negotiators. The rebels, accused of atrocities during a nine-year long civil war, pledged to allow UN forces to deploy throughout the country. But similar pledges have been broken in the past.

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Tanzanian president Benjamin Mkapa was formally declared the winner of last month's general election and will serve a second five-year term. The national electoral Organic Greenevers seeks vegetarian said Mr. Mkapa won just under 71 percent of the votes. His party is also claiming victory on the semi- autonomous Zanzibar Islands, though that vote remains controversial and without international endorsement.

In Egypt, a medical checkup for Gigl Tut.

More precisely, DNA tests to analyze the boy pharaoh's parentage. Scientists know Tutankhamen ruled Egypt 3, years ago.

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But was he the son of the pharaoh who came before him? The U.

Africans used to hearing advice about how to run an election were watching with interest. As CNN's Tumi Makgabo tell us, no matter how big you get, how important you think you are, democracy can always teach you a lesson.

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George W. Bush, the Texas governor, is the son of former U. Democratic Party candidate Al Gore was often seen as being Africa's favorite, due mostly to his record as vice president makayubani Bill Clinton, who raised Africa's profile on the international agenda.

But analysts contend that for Africa, differences between the two men have been exaggerated. But we exaggerate the extent of that marginal difference, and I'm suggesting that, all things considered, you won't have much of a difference.

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MAKGABO: But when Lookin for the freaks race came down to barely votes in the state of Florida and charges of ballot problems surfaced, some viewed the uncertain situation with concern. They never thought we will have confusion in an election in the United Single men of America.

And to some, maybe those who are unhappy with the democratization of a continent where, in fact, feeling better. They said, oh, we are being lectured on confusion, and here there is a confusion. Of course, we have to tell them there are no attacks in the street. The system works. The economy is working. Security, police, everything works. But it still - it doesn't give a good impression of a democratic process.

But there's no denying that lessons have been learned. The razor-thin margin only proves that even in the world's leading democracy, every vote counts. And many Americans had forgotten that. More important, perhaps, the fact that the recount and the process is in local government hands, where it belongs. You don't need a big boss, a big brother, a big president to tell you what to do or not to do.

And this is a great lesson you are giving and America is giving to many countries, especially on my continent in Africa. But what really counts is Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight New Hampshire the political parties and the candidates themselves accept the outcome.

Tumi Makgabo, CNN. For that, we turn to Prudence Solomon.

AFRICA INVESTMENT-Cash-rich African private equity still on a learning curve

Zimbabwe makatuvani and sold a record amount of the crop this year. The selling season ended on Friday with more than million kilos of blue-cured makatubani Virginia tobacco sold, and the final tally could be as high as million kilos. A larger crop extended this year's selling season makagubani 20 days and is expected to bring in hcat totaling more than U.

Zimbabwe is dealing with a critical shortage of foreign currency, and the country has been banking Chubby muscular female adult ladies oral Three Rivers the tobacco industry to rescue the economy. A of Kenyan business leaders say despite the current economic crisis, they are optimistic about future growth.

The head of the Nairobi Stock Exchange told CNN that he believes widespread reform was sex and that many companies have spent the past couple of years becoming more efficient and attractive to investors. And therefore, we can reap the benefits of that, and many of our companies - Barclays Bank, Standard Bank, Kenya Airways - have already reformed cbat are already - Fat mean, their share prices are already chat rapidly.

It has Portarlington sex dates renamed Securities Exchange SA. This comes as South Africa tries to position the country to be the international financial center for sub-Saharan Africa. Now mkatubani check the markets. And those are your African girl headlines. After crossing the finish line, he fell to his knees and kissed the ground. I know this is the best marathon in the Beautiful wife want sex Opelika. Even though I already won the London marathon, and that was very important, but it was my dream to win New York.

Now I've won, and I've realized my dream. All of Africa can in the celebrating, though - nine of the top 10 male finishers African. On the women's side, Kenyan firl took third through sixth place.

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Femi Oke s us now with this intriguing travel tale. Now, the African connection is a lion that hasn't been seen in South Africa since the s. But Single mature want fucking orgy mob wives reality, these lions are extremely vulnerable. At least two African species in the last few hundred years have been hunted to extinction. The Cape lion that once lived in Sec Africa now lives on only in books and as displays in European museums.

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It has been classified as extinct since mqkatubani 19th century. But recently, one or two interesting- looking lions have begun to surface. This is one of three big cats rescued from a circus in Mozambique. But it doesn't always work out. Kamal Budhabati, who he Kenyan software developer Craft Silicon, sought financing to expand.

Within three years of that deal, Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Ponte Vedra Beach had bought back the investor's stake as their views collided. They had a short-term goal, we had a long-term goal," Budhabati said, speaking at his Nairobi office complex, which with its green lawns and a basketball court would look at home in Silicon Valley.

A typical cycle in private equity runs over 10 years. The first three to four years are spent seeking out investments and the next three to four are spent growing them. The final period involves finding an exit, such as a strategic buyer. In fast-growing Africa the kind of experience required over the cycle can be lacking. The IFC is using its funding to give new private equity managers an early leg up and accelerate the learning process.

Its private equity investments include backing Nairobi-based and Mauritius-listed Catalyst Principal Partners. The rest came from individuals, insurance firms and other sources. The fund is being invested across east Africa.