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Click on the button and on the name of the user group to send messages to.

Model chat

The name of the currently-selected user group then becomes the name of the button. If you want to communicate with a different group, click on the button again and select the name of that group. If you do not want to continue chatting, you can mdoel 'Disconnect from current Discussion'.

Create a message Description 1 At the top of the 'Chat' tab, in the text field, type your message. You can right-click on the text and select from a of editing context menu Woman wanting to fuck in lexington, and you can create glossary terms and new elements from highlighted text, or links to existing elements. The message displays in the list underneath the text field.

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If a user does not have an avatar image, a default 'head and shoulders' silhouette displays as the avatar. Review Messages Once ,odel message has been sent, it cannot be edited. You can then paste the text into a new chat item or into another document in Enterprise Architect.

Model chat

You can also delete a message by right-clicking on it and selecting the 'Delete Message' option. Messages sent by other people to the currently-selected User Group display in your screen immediately.

Messages deleted by other users do not disappear immediately. To update your list, right-click on it and select modell 'Reload Messages' option. Monitor User Groups for Messages You can set the system to monitor selected Wife want hot sex Rocky Ford groups, to notify you when a member of one of those user groups posts a message whilst the 'Chat' tab is either set to a different user group or not visible.

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The notification is a New Model Discussion button that displays in the bottom right of the Status Bar when a message is posted from a selected user group. The button also displays if a message is posted in the thread you have been reading, and the 'Chat' tab is not visible.

Model chat

Click Contact details for horny local women the button to redisplay the 'Chat' tab with the message thread. If you are monitoring more than one user group, the New Model Discussion button provides a menu to indicate which of the selected groups has posted a new and unread message. When you click on a group, the 'Chat' tab displays with the appropriate thread of messages.

To set up a check for messages from a user group: Click on the 'Options' icon on the right of the 'Chat' tab, and select the 'Monitor Groups for new Messages' option.

Select a user group to monitor. Click on the interval of time at which the system will check for new messages - every minute, or up to every ten minutes.

Model chat

If you want to cancel monitoring a specific group, repeat steps 1 and 2. Clicking on a selected group will deselect it.

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Chst you want to cancel monitoring all of the selected groups, perform step 1 and then click on Lonely woman want sex Ireland 'None' option. Filter messages by age The 'Options' icon provides the 'Message Visibility' option, to limit the display of messages to those posted within a certain of days prior to today's date. When you select this option, a menu displays from which you select to display only messages posted today the defaultor within the last 7, 30 or 90 days.

If you do not want to limit the display of messages to an interval you have set, you can cancel it by selecting the 'All' option. Learn more.

Model chat