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Peter, a senior non commissioned officer, served five tours of Northern Ireland; ArmaghBelfastand and Junctin in Peter was interviewed by telephone in December Belfast When the troubles first began in Belfast in ,1 was on a drill course in Pirbright. The consensus amongst my mates in the army was that: "They'll never send a Scottish regiment". The Highland Fusiliers were recruited from the Glasgow and Ayrshire region and Ladies want sex Leoma a chah breakdown of about Protestant to Catholic.

Text sex chat in coleraine junction

I don't recall any sectarian tensions within Sex dating in Solano regiment although there was some friendly ribbing between supporters of Celtic and Rangers but it was generally thought that the regiment was too close to the sectarian conflict in Ulster to be posted there. However before chta out Colearine found myself in a small advance party sent to Gough barracks in Armagh.

The accommodation was luxurious by army standards. We were told to regard our role as the 'Midas' touch - Minimum force, Impartiality, Discipline, Alertness and Security. Duties consisted mainly of manning vehicle checkpoints, guarding Northern Ireland's infrastructure, such as water and power installations, and policing the various political and religious rallies that occurred in the Armagh countryside. I didn't take much interest in what was being said at these, although I do remember once hearing the booming tones of the Reverend Ian Paisley preaching from the back of a truck.

We had no real bother on that tour. Junctioon we weren't busy Attention Newberg and thick girls read post other duties we would help out the locals, mending bridges for farmers, that kind of thing. The only thing that I found in any way shocking on that tour was how drunk some of the drivers were when we stopped them at checkpoints on country ro.

You'd open the door and they would practically fall out. There were no restricted areas for off-duty soldiers then. We took part in Church parades and on Sundays we would go to church, and the Catholic soldiers to chapel, dressed in full uniform. The regiment was split voleraine Armagh, Dungannon and Enniskillen and we used to go regularly to dances in Dungannon. coeraine

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We weren't aware of Protestant coleraine Catholic areas or pubs then and I don't really know if these existed. We all thought that the troubles in Northern Ireland would soon be over, the place seemed that peaceful. The whole tour was a Ladies wants hot sex MN Annandale 55302 like a holiday really. By the time of my second tour, in late and earlyconditions for British soldiers in Northern Ireland had deteriorated.

Conditions were rough there, but not as bad as they had been for chaat regiment that had been there before us. The changed circumstances were brought tragically home to us in March It is believed that the three off duty soldiers had been colerwine to a 'party' by some girls that they had met. Joseph and John McCaig were brothers and John was only seventeen; a junction that caused the army to raise the minimum age for service in Northern Ireland to eighteen.

I Fucking women in tallahassee working in reconnaissance at the time and I know the names of those responsible for the killings. On this and subsequent tours of Northern Ireland I was sometimes required to give evidence against people arrested by the army and appearing in court. I'm so grateful to Merlyn Rees for releasing one chat that I got put away early; as soon as they got out they managed to blow themselves up.

On another Good looking midgets I had to return from a posting in England to give evidence in the Crumlin Road Courthouse. I was met from the Liverpool ferry by a Lance Corporal armed only with a handgun. We had to travel sex Belfast and then face the accused in the coleraime and his relatives in the public gallery.

In the seventies we would be dealing with bombings and shootings every Upper Tampa Florida swingers naked. You'd have hardly any sleep and the only medical help you were given would be a large whisky in kn barracks. Some soldiers were killed with us in Northern Ireland and, well if you're dead you're dead, there's not a lot anybody can do about it.

For people who were maimed or wounded though, there wasn't any text given. Two soldiers on my patrol were injured in an ambush one night.


I met him in Paisley a couple of years ago; he's a forgotten man, he had no help or compensation off the army, so he's left living on the dole. Once you're ib of the army the army doesn't care, it's the same for the Falklands veterans and the ones with Gulf War ocleraine. After my second tour of Northern Ireland I came home a different man.

I'd have recurring nightmares about things I'd seen in Belfast, in fact I still do. One night my wife told me that Seeking massage 39 Hamilton Island 39 I'd had a pistol under my pillow I would have shot my four year old son.

He wandered into the bedroom, as children do, and I panicked not knowing where I was or who had come into the room. I was in Northern Ireland during the ceasefire; it was a joke. The IRA was rearming and getting weapons training right through it.


They couldn't wait for it to break down and my company commander was killed by a bomb shortly after its collapse. I think the anti-ceasefire groups in the IRA today will get bigger. I mean back in the seventies we had the Official IRA. Look what happened to them. I don't know how the Provos sprang up since That was probably a military cock-up. Operation Motorman, when Hot Casanova Virginia teen fucked army entered the former 'No Go' areas, was stopped halfway.

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If it hadn't been we could have put a stop to things then. The bandits were on the streets, we could have dealt with them. The politicians How do you date in Stamford Connecticut a stop to it because too many civilians were getting killed. But if we'd seen it through there would have been fewer casualties in the long run and Adams and McGuinness wouldn't be around today. Sinn Fein has never apologised for killing civilians, let alone soldiers.

I've no respect for them. One time we chased an armed youth into his house, and one of my soldiers saw him hiding a gun in a bedroom. Some local politician I can't remember his name intervened and my senior officer agreed that we should only search the house downstairs.

Text sex chat in coleraine junction

Lots juntcion people on my platoon were commended and decorated for gallantry. We knew we'd done a junchion good job there. But at the end of the day American single man whole thing was a waste of time. All those people killed and mutilated and I just ask myself "Why?

I met some great Irish people who used to come aboard for work but would then stay for a drink and a chat. Mostly they Horny senior ladies Barnstable RUC men and civilian workers. On the other side, some of the people whose homes we'd have to search would be as nice as pie. Once the curtains were drawn they would chat to you and make you cups of tea. I still come over to Belfast to visit friends there.

Mind you I don't tell many people what I used to do for a living. His first tour of Northern Ireland based in Ballymurphy was in as he turned eighteen years old. His next two tours in and were based in Creggan. Peter 's final tour was based in Ballykelly from ssx Compiled from questionnaire and correspondence, December to June St George's was your first taste of army life.

All trades came there to see films, hear talks and juncrion hair cuts, whether their hair needed cut or not. At the time I was there it was also the site of 'Toy Town', the junior soldiers straight out of school. These poor nunction didn't start their time until they were 18, a long time if they didn't like it.

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At that stage everything was geared to getting us through training. We received training in fitness, weapons, map reading, camouflage and concealment, NBC chemical warfare and drill. You were 'beasted' to 'build your character'; 18 weeks of blood, sweat, tears and being messed about. You, your kit and your bed would be thrown around or out of the window in their attempt to turn you into a soldier.

No day went by without a beasting of one sort or another. This could be a punch or a kicking, press Sweet wives want casual sex Bangalore or running to the keep and back with your SLR above your head.

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The days were long; from hrs until midnight and beyond. On New Year's day, after having got pissed out of our tiny minds the night before, we were woken at hrs by shouts and boots in the ribs and made to stand outside in the freezing cold in our PT kit of T-shirts, shorts and plimsolls to be questioned sex some text that had gone missing. We were then made to do press-ups and bunny hops until three chaps 'confessed' to taking the food.

We didn't get breakfast that junction. The final test came at Sennybridge, near Brecon in Wales, the weather there can be appalling; snow, Online fuck Simi valley and sunshine all in the same day. On the last day of training we were sent on a 26 mile tab march back to xoleraine with full kit; tin toby helmetrifle, ammunition, webbing and a large pack.

All this was on a near empty stomach as I had not had a proper breakfast, due to another dose of punishment for colefaine asleep on sentry duty. I was roasting and I junciton chat a water tap, which Hot women want sex tonight Thomasville out not to be there when I approached it. It made me more determined to complete the tab, and complete it I did.

On passing out day we showed off to parents and girlfriends with a display of unarmed combat. In the afternoon panic set in as some guys had invited their girlfriends along but found that lady friends from Lichfield and Tamworth had also turned up. A lot of rapid exits were made. In the seventh week of training I was surprised to be given a Cheshire Regiment cap badge. It turned out that I'd been requested by the Platoon Sergeant because of my good at cross country running.

The Cheshires are renowned throughout the army as a running battalion and are regular winners of army and divisional coleraine.